TRON Soundtrack BY Wendy Carlos (1982) to Get a New Vinyl Issue

UPDATE: This vinyl soundtrack is now available on Ebay.

TRON Vinyl Soundtrack by Wendy Carlos

Wendy Carlos’ original soundtrack to the 1982 sci-fi film Tron is getting a vinyl reissue.

The score will be released by Audio Fidelity Records as a 180 gram double pressing.

The original release had more than 50 minutes of music performed by a 108-piece London Philharmonic Orchestra. This release will also include two tracks from Journey: “Only Solutions” and “1990’s Theme”.

There reportedly won’t be any extra tracks included in the release.

Track list:

A1 –Wendy Carlos Creation Of Tron 0:49
A2 –Journey Only Solutions 3:41
A3 –Wendy Carlos We’ve Got Company 2:19
A4 –Wendy Carlos Wormhole 2:29
A5 –Wendy Carlos Ring Game And Escape 2:57
A6 –Wendy Carlos Water Music And Tronaction 2:25
B1 –Wendy Carlos Tron Scherzo 1:46
B2 –Wendy Carlos Miracle And Magician 2:40
B3 –Wendy Carlos Magic Landings 3:44
B4 –Wendy Carlos Theme From Tron 1:37
B5 –Journey 1990’s Theme 2:08
B6 –Wendy Carlos Love Theme 2:07
C1 –Wendy Carlos Tower Music – Let Us Pray 3:47
C2 –Wendy Carlos The Light Sailer 2:37
C3 –Wendy Carlos Sea Of Simulation 3:23
D1 –Wendy Carlos A New Tron And The Mcp 5:10
D2 –Wendy Carlos Anthem 1:40
D3 –Wendy Carlos Ending Titles 5:16

Release date: 2014

UPDATE: You can now find this on Ebay at the link below:

TRON Soundtrack BY Wendy Carlos (1982)

Source: Exclaim