Milan Records Releasing TAKE SHELTER on Vinyl

TAKE SHELTER Vinyl Soundtrack by David Wingo

Update: You can now order this here.

Milan Records has announced via Twitter that they’ll be releasing David Wingo’s original score to Take Shelter on vinyl.

The release will feature artwork by Jay Shaw.

Track list is the same as the Audio CD:

1. Opening
2. Signing
3. Going To Work
4. Dog Attack
5. Dreams
6. Doghouse
7. Kidnap
8. Library
9. Under Siege
10. Take Shelter
11. Pills
12. Hallucination
13. Pumping Gas
14. Lightning
15. Building The Shelter
16. Medicating
17. Lion’s Club
18. Bird Attack
19. Storm Shelter
20. At The Beach
21. Shelter – Ben Nichols

Listen to a track:

Release date was announced as August 24, 2014. Availability is now confirmed for October 14, 2014.