Fernando Velázquez’s Score to HERCULES Getting a Vinyl Release

HERCULES Vinyl Soundtrack 2014

Music on Vinyl are releasing a 2LP vinyl pressing of Fernando Velázquez’s orchestral score to Brett Ratner’s 2014 action epic Hercules.

Release date is September 8, 2014.

This is a limited edition release of 2,000 copies.

Pressing will be on clear blue/black vinyl.

Will include an insert.

The music is epic, driving, classic and cool. All of these adjectives were used to describe the music desired by the creative team making Hercules. Composer Fernando Velázquez rose to the occasion and delivered a fantastic score. The recording sessions took place at Air Studios and Abbey Road Studios in London, with Fernando conducting the tremendous London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Confirmed track list via New on Vinyl:

Side A

1. Son Of Zeus
2. Pirate’s Camp
3. Hercules
4. Arrival At Lord Cotys’ City
5. Flashback
6. Athens
7. Lord Cotys’ Palace
8. I Will Believe In You
9. The Lion’s Tooth

Side B

1. Bessi’s Valley
2. Bessi-Battle
3. The Campfire

Side C

1. Training
2. Centaurs
3. The Battle
4. Rhesus Caught
5. Dungeon & I Am Hercules

Side D

1. Kill Eurystheus
2. Cotys Brings Out Arius
3. Final Fight & Tydeus’ Death
4. The Statue Falls
5. Comrades Stand Together
6. Alternative Ending
7. End Titles
8. Choir Theme