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BLUE VALENTINE Soundtrack Coming to Vinyl

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BLUE VALENTINE vinyl soundtrack by Grizzly Bear

Update: You can now find this item for sale here on Ebay.

Grizzly Bear’s score to Blue Valentine is coming to vinyl.

It will feature a couple of songs but mostly an instrumental score.

Release date is November 4, 2014.

Track list:

1. Grizzly Bear: “Granny Diner”
2. Department of Eagles: “In Ear Park”
3. Grizzly Bear: “Easier (Instrumental)”
4. Grizzly Bear: “Lullabye (Instrumental)”
5. Grizzly Bear: “I Live With You (Instrumental)”
6. Grizzly Bear: “Foreground (Instrumental)”
7. Grizzly Bear: “Dory (Instrumental)”
8. Ryan Gosling: “You Always Hurt the Ones You Love”
9. Penny & the Quarters: “You and Me”
10. Grizzly Bear: “Shift (Alternate Version)”
11. Grizzly Bear: “Alligator [ft. Zach Condon, Dave Longstreth & Amber Coffman] (Choir Version)”
12. Grizzly Bear: “Easier”
13. Grizzly Bear: “Lullaby”
14. Grizzly Bear: “I Live With You”
15. Grizzly Bear: “Foreground”

This item is now available via Ebay at the link below:

BLUE VALENTINE Vinyl Soundtrack by Grizzly Bear (Ebay)