Limited Edition WATCH DOGS Vinyl Soundtrack by Brian Reitzell

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Invada vinyl release of Brian Reitzell’s original score to the Ubisoft action video game Watch Dogs.

Release date: July 28, 2014 (may not ship until early August 2014).


  • Black and blue splatter vinyl
  • Download card
  • Limited edition of 750 units
  • 13 tracks from the game

Track listing:


  1. The Loop
  2. Ded Sec
  3. Creepy Caller
  4. Donovan
  5. Revelation Number 3
  6. Computer Underground
  7. Elevated Trains
  8. IP Tracking


  1. Vigilante
  2. Ghosts Of The Past
  3. On The Lake
  4. Hackers
  5. Escape from Chicago

Invada Limited Edition WATCH DOGS Vinyl Game Soundtrack by Brian Reitzell

Reitzell’s action score to the popular Watch Dogs video game is full of atmosphere, features futuristic sounding synthesizer music, and of course contains very addictive beats.

Get a feel for this excellent score below:

Note: This vinyl game soundtrack is an import to the U.S.