HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED Anniversary Vinyl Soundtrack by Michael Salvatori & Martin O’Donnell (Limited Edition)

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Sumthing Else Music Works and Microsoft Studios presents a vinyl LP pressing of Michael Salvatori & Martin O’Donnell’s original score to the 2011 video game Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

Limited edition soundtrack of 2,000 copies.

Released in 2011. This was the first ever vinyl release of any Halo soundtrack.

This is a green colored vinyl pressing that looks extremely cool.

Features brand new new orchestrations of the classic Halo: Combat Evolved music! For this anniversary the original Halo soundtrack is presented in pristine sound quality as performed by the full Skywalker Symphony Orchestra!

Track listing:

  1. A1 Random Slipspace Trajectory 3:39
  2. A2 Installation 04 4:20
  3. A3 Bravery, Brotherhood 1:27
  4. A4 An End Of Dying 2:46
  5. A5 Pale Rider 1:31
  6. A6 Yawning Chasm 1:01
  7. A7 A Private Service 1:13
  8. A8 Suite Fall 4:19
  9. A9 Rock In A Hard Place 1:17
  10. B1 Honest Negotiation Suite 8:48
  11. B2 Flotsam, Jetsam 2:49
  12. B3 Demons And Heretics 1:30
  13. B4 Exfiltration 1:05
  14. B5 Unless You Mean To Shoot 2:29
  15. B6 Captain, My Captain 0:56
  16. B7 Strung 1:49

HALO COMBAT EVOLVED ANNIVERSARY Limited Edition Green Vinyl Soundtrack

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