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TV SOUND & IMAGE 2: British Television, Film and Library Composer (1956-1980)

Soul Jazz Records presents a double vinyl LP compilation featuring British composers who worked in television, film and music libraries over the second half of the 20th century.

This release is part two of Soul Jazz’s TV Sound & Image series.

Released in 2013.

Aside from John Barry, the majority of composers featured here remain relatively unknown. And yet ironically they have created some of the most recognizable songs in British popular culture, their music widely disseminated on television.

This album is not however a stroll through the TV memories of the mind, but an exploration of the serious contribution that these creative musicians have on the landscape of popular music in Britain.

Most of the music featured here was commissioned by music libraries such as KPM, De Wolfe, Chappell, Bruton, Themes International, Peer International, Conroy and Amphonic. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the music featured here is that despite library or commissioned music being on the one-hand the ultimate ‘faceless music’, with composers often uncredited, its widespread use in film and television makes it simultaneously some of the most recognizable in the world.

A quick role call of these would include Neil Richardson (who composed the theme tune to Mastermind) and Barry Stoller (who wrote Match of the Day). The Simon Park Orchestra’s Eye Level, theme song to the BBC series Van der Valk, reached number one in 1973. CCS’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love was the theme tune to Top of the Pops. And so on.

The 36 track double LP vinyl soundtrack is a super-loud super-heavy gatefold sleeve limited edition release.

Comes with a 50-page book featuring text, biographies and photography.

Compiled by Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records) and sleeve notes biographies by Jonny Trunk (Trunk Records).

Here then is a guide to the amazing music of many of the composers (both well-known and obscure) responsible for some of the most widely known music ever to come out of Britain in the second-half of the 20th century.

Track listing:

  1. Barry Stoller — Condition Red
  2. Pentangle — Light Flight
  3. Geoff Love — Three Days Of The Condor
  4. The Tony Hatch Sound — Man Alive
  5. Richard Denton And Martin Cook — Tomorrow’s World
  6. Brian Fahey — At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal
  7. Bullet — The Contract Man
  8. Syd Dale — Man Friday
  9. The Laurie Johnson Orchestra — Echo Four Two
  10. Keith Papworth — Hard Hitter
  11. John Barry — The Persuaders
  12. Roy Budd — Getting Nowhere In A Hurry
  13. The Simon Park Orchestra — Dawn To Dusk
  14. The Marylebone Orchestra — Fiesta Numero Uno
  15. Birds ‘N’ Brass — Sort Of Soul
  16. Johnny Gregory And His Orchestra — The Avengers
  17. Johnny Harris — Fragment Of Fear
  18. Roy Budd — Get Carter
  19. Neil Richardson — Guide Path
  20. Brian Bennett — Canvas
  21. Wil Malone — Death Line
  22. Syd Dale — Huckleberry Fine
  23. The Harry Roche Constellation — Spiral
  24. The Ivor And Basil Kirchin Band — Jungle Fire Dance
  25. The Laurie Johnson Orchestra — The New Avengers Theme
  26. James Clarke — Folk Song
  27. The Reg Tilsley Orchestra — Strike Rich
  28. The Barry Gray Orchestra — Joe 90
  29. Keith Mansfield — Soul Thing
  30. CCS — Whole Lotta Love
  31. Syd Dale — Artful Dodger
  32. John Gregory — Jaguar
  33. Nick Ingman — Down Home
  34. Barbara Moore — Steam Heat
  35. Alan Parker — Angels
  36. Alan Moorhouse — Face Up

This vinyl soundtrack is also available on Ebay at the link below:

TV SOUND & IMAGE 2: British Television, Film and Library Composer (1956-1980)