One Way Static Records vinyl release of Philip Glass' score to the 1992 horror film Candyman. Release Date: October 28, 2014. Features: Limited edition of 1,400 copies worldwide Black vinyl pressing with obi-strip Deluxe Gatefold...


CANDYMAN Vinyl Soundtrack

Update: Full details of this release posted here.

One Way Static Records are releasing composer Philip Glass’ 1992 score to the horror film Candyman.

Features of the release are:

1) Limited edition of 500 bee striped and silver mirror colored vinyl pressings (coming in sequentially numbered foil, total of 1000 variants).

2) Limited edition of 100 honey colored vinyl copies.

3) Limited edition of 1,400 black vinyl pressings that come with obi-strip.

4) Deluxe Gatefold old school tip-on jacket.

5) Printed insert.

6) Extensive liner notes from Philip Glass, Clive Barker, Virginia Madsen, Tony Todd, Xander Berkely and Ted Raimi.

Cover shots:

Candyman vinyl soundtrack outer

Candyman vinyl soundtrack inner

Track listing:

01. Music Box
02. Cabrini Green
03. Helen’s Theme
04. Face to Razor
05. Floating Candyman
06. Return to Cabrini
07. It Was Always You, Helen

Release date is October 28, 2014.

UPDATE: This article originally contained links to all sources to obtain this soundtrack, however those no longer work. To find a copy, try the link below:

CANDYMAN Vinyl Soundtrack by Philip Glass (Ebay)

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