Mondo are set to release a 2xLP vinyl pressing of Jerry Goldsmith’s score to the 1984 fantasy film Gremlins.

This one, however, is extremely unique.

The gatefold jacket features ultraviolet-sensitive artwork by Phantom City Creative that reveals hidden messages when exposed to daylight.

But wait, it gets even better.

The disc sleeves also feature additional secret artwork that reveals itself when exposed to water – or more specifically, a damp cloth.

Mondo have outdone themselves with this one, making this the ultimate Gremlins collectors edition that behaves just like the critters did in the film. Well, mostly. In any case, this has to be the first vinyl release ever where we actively recommend exposing it to light and water.

Goes on sale November 30, 2016.

mondo-gremlins-vinyl-soundtrack-by-jerry-goldsmith-2 mondo-gremlins-vinyl-soundtrack-by-jerry-goldsmith-3 mondo-gremlins-vinyl-soundtrack-by-jerry-goldsmith-4 mondo-gremlins-vinyl-soundtrack-by-jerry-goldsmith-5 mondo-gremlins-vinyl-soundtrack-gatefold-by-jerry-goldsmith

Entertainment Weekly broke the news. Follow @Mondonews to find out when the sale goes live.


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LOOPER vinyl soundtrack record

We’ve got an update on Mondo’s release of the original soundtrack to director Rian Johnson’s sci-fi film Looper.

If you missed the initial release of Twitter-spawned details and images, read this article.

We now know the soundtrack will go on sale at MondoCon this month, after which it will go on sale online on September 23, 2014.

The above image is also new, via Noisey Vice, who have also posted some track previews to enjoy:

And finally the complete track listing:

Track Listing:

01) A Body That Technically Does Not Exist
02) A Day in the Life
03) Closing Your Loop
04) Seth’s Tale
05) Run
06) A Life in a Day
07) Time Machine
08) Hunting the Past
09) Following the Loop
10) Mining for Memories
11) A New Scare
12) Her Face
13) City Sweep
14) Revelations
15) The Rainmaker
16) La Belle Aurore
17) Showdown
18) The Path Was a Circle
19) Everything Comes Around

Bonus 7-Inch

01) Slinky Dance – Kid Koala
02) Theme from Looper (Piano Version) – Nathan Johnson

As usual, we’ll post any more details that come to hand as they come to hand.

WOLFCOP vinyl soundtrack

One Way Static Records is releasing 1,000 limited copies of Shooting Guns’ music to director Lowell Dean’s 2014 indie horror-comedy Wolfcop.

Features of the release include:

  • Pressed on red & blue marbled vinyl
  • Deluxe gatefold old school tip-on jacket with original art by Randy Ortiz
  • Free digital download card

The only way to get a copy will be to attend MondoCon in Austin TX on September 20 & 21 2014.

If they don’t all sell out at MondoCon, the remaining copies will be up for grabs at Beyond Fest in Los Angeles between September 25 & October 5, 2014.

If there are still copies left after that, they’ll be available either at or sometime after October 5, 2014.

Want to hear a preview? Here you go:

If you miss out completely, well, it’s not vinyl (sad face) but there’s always the digital Wolfcop soundtrack on Amazon.


On Friday, as part of their last gallery show prior to September’s WonderCon, Mondo unveiled their newest vinyl release: Fabio Frizzi’s score to the 1990 film A Cat In The Brain (aka Nightmare Concert).

This is the first time Frizzi’s score to the film has been pressed on vinyl.

Features of the release:

  • Artwork by We Buy Your Kids
  • Liner notes by Fabio Frizzi
  • 180 Gram Black Vinyl

The release also includes randomly inserted Brain Colored vinyl pressings, as shown below:

A Cat in the Brain vinyl soundtrack coloured vinyl

The number of these colored pressings hasn’t been announced.

Couldn’t make it to the gallery but still want one of these? Well, you might be in luck, because while they haven’t gone up in Mondo’s store yet (they no doubt will after WonderCon), a couple have already popped up for sale on Ebay.

To celebrate the 75th anniversay of Batman, Mondo has unveiled a few details about their upcoming vinyl release of Danny Elfman’s score to Batman: The Animated Series.

The release will be a 7″ pressing featuring five different sleeves and five different colored vinyls:

  1. Harley Quinn, art by Matt Taylor, pressed on translucent purple
  2. Mr. Freeze, art by Alan Hynes, pressed on ice blue vinyl
  3. Clayface, art by Gary Pullin, pressed on brown clay vinyl
  4. Man-Bat, art by Tom Whalen (including foldout), pressed on translucent orange vinyl
  5. The Joker, art by Mike Mitchell, pressed on bomb black vinyl

Check out the sleeves:

Batman the Animated Series vinyl soundtrack by Danny Elfman Harley Quinn sleeve

Batman the Animated Series vinyl soundtrack by Danny Elfman Mr Freeze sleeve

Batman the Animated Series vinyl soundtrack by Danny Elfman Clayface sleeve

Batman the Animated Series vinyl soundtrack by Danny Elfman Man-Bat sleeve

Batman the Animated Series vinyl soundtrack by Danny Elfman Man-Bat foldout


Batman the Animated Series vinyl soundtrack by Danny Elfman The Joker sleeve

Mondo will make these available starting at this years San Diego Comic-Con Preview Night at booth #835.

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GRAVITY Vinyl Soundtrack

For those who have been patiently awaiting Mondo’s vinyl release of Steven Price’s score to Gravity (as announced back in March) know that it is now shipping.

The 2 x LP comes housed in a gatefold jacket and is pressed on 180-gram vinyl (black with randomly inserted colored):

Gravity Colored Vinyl Soundtrack by Mondo

You can order it direct from Mondo.

To coincide with its release illustrator Kevin Tong, who produced the amazing artwork for the release, has posted on his blog some photos of his artwork along with descriptions of his process behind designing the beautiful packaging – and his artwork is truly beautiful.

Behind the Scenes of the Gravity Score

Have a listen to a preview of the score:


Mondo limited edition vinyl release of Jerry Goldsmith's original score to director Richard Donner's 1976 horror classic The Omen. Release Date: March 4, 2014. Note: This is an expanded edition of Goldsmith's score with tracks never before...

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LOOPER Vinyl Soundtrack

Mondo will shortly be announcing details about their upcoming limited edition vinyl pressing of the original soundtrack to director Rian Johnson’s sci-fi film Looper.

In the meantime the director has tweeted out (via @rianjohnson) a few images of what looks like the most amazing vinyl packaging we’ve seen for some time.

More info once Mondo release it, which is expected to be in the new few days.

THE VISITOR 180 Gram Vinyl Soundtrack Mondo 2014

Mondo will be releasing a vinyl pressing of Franco Micalizzi’s score to Giulio Paradisi’s 1979 sci-fi film The Visitor.

The release will be on black 180 gram double LP but will also feature randomly inserted colored (sunburst) pressings.

Artwork is by Jay Shaw.

It will feature 8 tracks from the film never before released on vinyl.

Initial price is $30. Expect this to dramatically increase when resellers buy up and on sell, as usual.

The first of these pressings will go on sale this weekend at Texas Frightmare Weekend.

After that fans should look out for the pressing to hit Mondo’s store on May 9, 2014.

Listen to a few tracks:

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