Milan Records release of Benjamin Wallfisch's original score to Gore Verbinski's (Pirates of the Caribbean, Rango) psychological horror film A Cure For Wellness. Release date: February 17, 2017. Features: Limited edition Colored...

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Milan Records 180 gram vinyl release of David Wingo's original score to director Jeff Nichols' excellent independent and now cult classic film Take Shelter. Release date: October 14, 2014. The release featuers artwork by Jay Shaw. Take...

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OLDBOY vinyl soundtrack by cho young-wuk

Update: You can now buy this on Ebay.

Invada Records and Milan Records have announced they’ll be releasing a vinyl pressing of Cho Young-Wuk’s score to the 2003 thriller Oldboy.

The soundtrack, overseen by Cho Young-Wuk, will include new artwork from Laurent Durieux.

Since two different labels are releasing it, we’ll have two different versions.

  1. Milan will be releasing a red vinyl pressing (with download card) in North America.
  2. Invada will release an orange vinyl version (with download card) in Europe.

Previously only available on Audio CD, this is the first ever release of the Oldboy soundtrack on vinyl.

November 18, 2014 is the date to look out for.

In the meantime, enjoy a sample:

Get it at the link below:

OLDBOY Vinyl Soundtrack by Cho Young-Wuk (via Ebay)

TAKE SHELTER Vinyl Soundtrack by David Wingo

Update: This is now sold out and very rare. Best way to find it now is to periodically check Ebay.  

Milan Records has announced via Twitter that they’ll be releasing David Wingo’s original score to Take Shelter on vinyl.

The release will feature artwork by Jay Shaw.

Track list is the same as the Audio CD:

1. Opening
2. Signing
3. Going To Work
4. Dog Attack
5. Dreams
6. Doghouse
7. Kidnap
8. Library
9. Under Siege
10. Take Shelter
11. Pills
12. Hallucination
13. Pumping Gas
14. Lightning
15. Building The Shelter
16. Medicating
17. Lion’s Club
18. Bird Attack
19. Storm Shelter
20. At The Beach
21. Shelter – Ben Nichols

Release date was announced as August 24, 2014. Availability is now confirmed for October 14, 2014.

Update: This is now sold out and very rare. Best way to find it now is to periodically check the link below:

TAKE SHELTER Vinyl Soundtrack by David Wingo (Ebay)

Milan Records reissue of Antonio Pinto and Ed Cortez's original music to director's Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund's Brazilian crime drama City of God. Release date: September 15, 2014. Taking his inspiration from the filmmakers' daring...

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Milan Records limited edition 180 gram blue vinyl pressing of Clint Mansell's score to director Jon S. Baird's Filth. Release date: May 27, 2014 (for Record Store Day 2014). Catalogue No: M2-36653 Features: 180 gram transparent blue vinyl...

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Milan Records vinyl pressing of Max Richter’s soundtrack to Ari Folman's sci-fi film The Congress. Release date: July 22, 2014. The Congress, starring Robin Wright and based on the novel The Futurological Congress: From the Memoirs of Ijon...

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THE CONGRESS Vinyl Soundtrack

UPDATE: This item is now available on Ebay.

Milan Records are releasing a vinyl pressing of Max Richter’s soundtrack to The Congress.

The release date is set for July 22, 2014.

This is one we’re really looking forward to. Richter’s score to the animated sci-fi film is nothing short of breathtaking, evoking the deep and consequential events the film portrays!

Listen to a track:

This is the score’s first vinyl pressing. It was previously only available as a Digital Download and on Audio CD.

Watch the trailer:

This item can now be found on Ebay at the link below:

THE CONGRESS Vinyl Soundtrack by Max Richter

Milan Records vinyl soundtrack release of Mica Levi's score to director Jonathan Glazer's sci-fi film Under the Skin. Release Date: April 15, 2014. Based on the Under the Skin novel by Michael Faber, the film follows an alien seductress...

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Milan Records' single LP release of composer Johann Johannsson's original score to the 2013 crime drama McCanick. Release date: January 28, 2014. Limited edition pressing of only 1,000 copies. Digital download card is included. This is...

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Milan Records limited edition vinyl release of composer Cliff Martinez's score to the 2013 crime drama Only God Forgives. Release date: July 16, 2013. Limited edition run of only 4,000 units. Features a dark and highly energetic original...

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Milan Records release of Mike Patton's score to director Derek Cianfrance's 2012 crime drama The Place Beyond the Pines. Limited edition vinyl pressing of 1,500 units. Release date: 2013 Mike Patton, best known as the lead singer of the...

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