THE RAID 2 Vinyl Soundtrack by Spacelab9

As you know, in the next few days (September 2, 2014) Spacelab9 are releasing vinyl pressings of Joseph Trapanese’s excellent score to the equally excellent action film, The Raid 2.

We posted about this when it was first announced, though at that time not a lot of details were available. Since then we’ve added a listing where you can buy yourself a copy of the standard black vinyl version, but there’s more to this story. There’s variants to talk about.

Spacelab9 are releasing two colored limited edition variants in addition to the black vinyl version linked to above. These variants are the same as the black vinyl release with the exception of the vinyl color, which is shown below. Prices aren’t much different either – just a few bucks extra for the variants, at least, while they last. Once resellers get their hands on them, well, you know.

Titles link to Spacelab9’s product page where you can go buy them, while stocks last.

Cell Block Variant

THE RAID 2 Vinyl Cell Block Variant Soundtrack

  • “Cell Block” grey colored vinyl
  • Limited edition (number unconfirmed)

Crimson Rain Variant

THE RAID 2 Vinyl Crimson Rain Variant Soundtrack

  • “Crimson Rain” blood red colored vinyl
  • Limited edition (only 165 copies)

If you miss out on a variant, or want an alternative way to snap up a black version, we notice new copies have already started popping up on Ebay. At the time of this post only the black versions are there, but we’re guessing a handful of the colored variants will pop up soon enough.

Finally, if you don’t know much about this score, we definitely recommend it. Not sure? Listen to (most of) it for yourself:

Unfortunately these are getting very hard to find. You can try your luck for a seller at the link below. Good luck!

THE RAID 2 Vinyl Soundtrack (Ebay)

Music on Vinyl limited edition release of the music to the 2014 Dave Green directed sci-fi adventure film Earth to Echo. Release Date: September 15, 2014. Contains music from Manchester Orchestra, composer Joseph Trapenese (film score suite),...

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Spacelab9 vinyl release of composer Joseph Trapanese's original score to director Gareth Evans' action martial arts hit The Raid 2 (aka The Raid 2: Berandal). Release date: September 2, 2014. This is a 180 gram double LP in black vinyl. Composer...

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Update: More details posted here.

THE RAID 2 BERANDAL Vinyl Soundtrack by Joseph Trapanese

Joseph Trapanese’s score to The Raid 2: Berandal is getting a vinyl release.

SpaceLab9 announced today that it will be a deluxe vinyl release, though no further details were given.

Release date set for May 27, 2014.

The Audio CD version release date is April 29, 2014. You can order it on Amazon.

UPDATE: This vinyl soundtrack is now available on Ebay at the link below:

THE RAID 2: BERANDAL Vinyl Soundtrack by Joseph Trapanese

Mondo limited edition 180 gram clear vinyl pressing of the M83 soundtrack to Joseph Kosinski's 2013 sci-fi film Oblivion. Released on May 17, 2013. Features the original score by Anthony Gonzalez of M83 and Joseph Trapanese on 2 180 gram...

Price Varies