Super Rare EDWARD SCISSORHANDS Vinyl Soundtrack by Danny Elfman

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MCA Records release of Danny Elfman’s original score to the 1990 fantasy film Edward Scissorhands.

Release Date: 1990

Released in Germany.

Single 12″ 33RPM LP.

This is a used copy of an extremely rare and almost impossible to find release.

Track listing:

  1. A-1 Introduction (Titles)
  2. A-2 Storytime
  3. A-3 Castle On The Hill
  4. A-4 Beautiful New World / Home Sweet Home
  5. A-5 The Cookie Factory
  6. A-6 Ballet De Suburbia (Suite)
  7. A-7 Ice Dance
  8. A-8 Etiquette Lesson
  9. A-9 Edwardo The Barber
  10. B-1 Esmeralda
  11. B-2 Death !
  12. B-3 The Tide Turns (Suite)
  13. B-4 The Final Confrontation
  14. B-5 Farewell….
  15. B-6 The Grand Finale
  16. B-7 The End
  17. B-8 With These Hands (Tom Jones)


Listen to track 7 ‘Ice Dance’:

This is easily and by far one of the most sought after vinyl soundtracks from the 1990’s.

From Discogs:

One of the most wanted ’90s soundtrack records which was released in a limited quantities, sold out very quickly and is out-of-print on vinyl for ages. When the film came out in 1991, the LP was already to believed a dying practice. A very few copies only were pressed by MCA on vinyl. It was already impossible-to-find in 1991, so it was either withdrawn, never sent out or only sent out to an elusive circle of some VIPs.

The seller is based in Germany and states this album is in mint condition with the vinyl and cover showing just a little age wear. This is a major win for the collector who snaps it up…use the ‘View on Ebay’ link above to snap it up!