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Ms. 45 180 Gram Clear Vinyl Soundtrack by Joe Delia (Limited Edition)

Death Waltz Recording Company limited edition 180 gram clear vinyl release of Joe Delia’s score to director Abel Ferrara’s 1981 crime-drama Ms. 45.

Release date: January 29, 2014.

Joe Delia’s haunting music to Ms. 45 is considered a true underground classic and now, thanks to Death Waltz, it has been released on vinyl for the first time ever.

Delia’s music is so great at creating a vivid image in your head that you begin to imagine the grubby streets, the sleazy sex-shops, the leering onlookers, with it building and building until it reaches sensory assault. The instruments sound as violent as the acts on screen, as loud synth stings ring out like gunshots, edgy jazz beats unnerve you, and a repeating brass motif becomes a theme for violence and vengeance – even during the awesome Dance Party

For this score Death Waltz went back to the original master tapes and worked with composer Joe Delia to clean up the original elements.

Pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl this release comes housed in a gatefold heavyweight tip-on casebound sleeve.

Includes a giant fold out poster and booklet featuring all new exclusive sleeve notes from composer Joe Delia.


1 Window Breaking 3:17
2 Sunrise 1:31
3 Piano Choice 1:49
4 Work Theme (2 Pianos) 1:55
5 Work Theme (Orchestrated) 2:18
6 First Attack 1:22
7 Zoe Sees Attacker 0:45
8 Kills Peter 0:57
9 What’s The Matter Thana 1:14
10 Voices 2 5:55
11 Bass And Drums Thana Walking 1:20
12 Knock On The Door 1:13
13 Thana In The Mirror 1:14
14 Arab V2 1:26
15 Central Park V2 3:12
16 Killing Phil 2 V2 1:10
17 Pimp And Whore Pt1 V2 4:18
18 Pimp And Whore Pt2 V2 2:36
19 Ms. 45 Dance Party 5:29

Bonus Cues:

20 Chinatown Theme 2 1:01
21 Slow Motion 5:14
22 Spaghetti Western 6:25
23 Sunrise Orchestrated 1/2 Speed 3:14
24 Voices 1 4:25


25 Ms. 45 Elements 1 19:17
26 Ms. 45 Elements 2 45:40

This item is available on Ebay at the link below:

Ms. 45 180g Clear Vinyl Soundtrack by Joe Delia (on Ebay)