MEGA RARE: Original Greek SEX POWER Vinyl Soundtrack Release by Vangelis

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When it comes to rare soundtracks this is as rare as it gets.

Director Henry Chapier’s first ever film was the 1970 film Sex Power (sub-titled “L’Homme Coeur”). It was also the first ever solo score by Vangelis.

The soundtrack was released by Philips on vinyl in France in 1970, but before that it was released in a limited quantity on vinyl in Greece. Rumor has it the Greek release was withdrawn shortly after its release, leaving less than 500 copies in circulation. It is also not listed as an official release anywhere.

Finding one of those 500 Greek pressings is said to be the “Holy Grail” of vinyl soundtrack collection (or any soundtrack collection for that matter).

And right now, at this very moment, one of those copies is for sale – right from Greece itself!

As far as a track list goes, there isn’t one. The album has eleven parts (six on Side A, five on Side B), but the record sleeve or rear cover does not identity what the track titles are. The only known track titles are:

  1. A 1ère Partie (6 tracks lasting 17:00) includes a track named Djemilla (2nd track) and another named Third love (5th track)
  2. B 2ème Partie (5 tracks lasting 17:27)

You can read a review of this soundtrack at

You can also listen to some of it courtesy of Youtube:

Rare Limited Edition SEX POWER Vinyl Soundtrack (1970)


This is a real opportunity to add one of the rarest of soundtracks to your collection.

You’ll need the cash though. It’s going for $799.99.

Update: This rare vinyl soundtrack has now been sold. 

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