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Limited Edition IN THE WALL 180 Gram Colored Vinyl Soundtrack by Clint Mansell

Death Waltz limited edition 180 gram vinyl release of Clint Mansell’s score to director Mike Williamson’s award-winning 2007 horror short In the Wall.

Release Date: April 19, 2014 (Record Store Day 2014).

Limited edition of 1,000 copies.

Features exclusive cover art by Jay Shaw an includes a poster and lithograph also by the artist.

Sleeves notes are by the composer.

Catalogue number: rsddw009

In the Wall tells the surreal story of a man who accidentally kills his pregnant wife and hides her body in a cavity wall, only to be haunted by visions of her corpse escaping. The film deftly moves from psychological horror to creature feature propelled by Mansell’s intense music. The score is anchored by the main theme, a versatile string melody that moves from sinister to emotional to tragic to perfectly match the shocking events of the film.

As is characteristic of Mansell’s work – the score for In The Wall expertly mixes the stripped-down string sound with electronic elements and percussion to create a vivid colour palette. The music plays with the conventions of the genre, at times Bernard Herrman-esque high strings pierce the silence, while intense electric guitar and feedback alternate with sparse, echoing drums. The electronics slowly undulate beneath the surface, winding up the tension and used more as a textural device until the final trip-hop rendition of the main theme takes your breath away.

Note: In the USA and Canada this pressing comes on brown and white swirl vinyl with heavy clear splatter. Everywhere else in the world it comes on brown and yellow swirl with heavy clear splatter.

Track list:

A1. Main Titles
A2. Up The Stairs
A3. Hammer Horror!
A4. Aftermath
A5. In The Wall
A6. Tick Tock
A7. Nightmares 8. Nightmares (reprise)

B1. Sex = Death
B2. Aftermath (reprise)
B3. Baby Baby!
B4. The Horror! The Horror
B5. Twins
B6. Main Title – End Credits

You can watch the In the Wall short film below:

[vimeo id=”55123047″]

This item is available at Ebay via the link below:

Limited Edition IN THE WALL 180 Gram Colored Vinyl Soundtrack by Clint Mansell