Limited Edition THE DARK KNIGHT Double LP Vinyl Soundtrack

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Hans Zimmer’s and James Newton Howard’s epic score to The Dark Knight was released in various configurations, but only one of them was a vinyl pressing.

That vinyl pressing was an audiophile 180 gram pressing released in a very limited quantity. I have no idea how many limited editions were released, despite searching far and wide. (If you know, please comment away).

The Dark Knight was released on vinyl August 12, 2008 by Warner Sunset Records.

Track listing:

  1. A1 Why So Serious? (9:14)
  2. A2 I’m Not A Hero (6:34)
  3. B1 Harvey Two-Face (6:16)
  4. B2 Aggressive Expansion (4:36)
  5. B3 Always A Catch (1:40)
  6. B4 Blood On My Hands (2:16)
  7. B5 A Little Push (2:43)
  8. C1 Like A Dog Chasing Cars (5:03)
  9. C2 I Am The Batman (2:00)
  10. C3 And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad (2:29)
  11. C4 Agent Of Chaos (6:55)
  12. C5 Introduce A Little Anarchy (3:42)
  13. D1 Watch The World Burn (3:48)
  14. D2 A Dark Knight (16:15)

I’m writing this post because, despite not knowing how many of these are out there, I know there is one right now that you can lay your hands on.

This one’s for a serious collector!

Note: When you check out the listing at the link above you’ll see the seller also has the Batman Begins Vinyl Soundtrack in the same photograph. It’s not mentioned whether or not you get both, but you don’t. The same seller has that listed separately for $150. If you’re interested in that (and you should be, there are only 500 in the world), the link is below:

Limited Edition BATMAN BEGINS Vinyl Soundtrack (via Ebay)

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