Limited Edition PRINCE AVALANCHE Transparent Red Vinyl Soundtrack

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This is the limited edition Prince Avalanche transparent red vinyl soundtrack to director David Gordon Green’s 2013 comedy-drama by Explosions In The Sky and composer David Wingo.

Label: Temporary Residence.

Release date: August 6, 2013.

Limited edition of 936.

Note on the limited number: Originally there were meant to be 1,000 of these pressed. The plant only pressed 936 hence the common misconception that there are 1,000 of these. There are not.

Track listing:

  1. A1 Fires 1:30
  2. A2 Theme From Prince Avalanche 2:23
  3. A3 Dear Madison 1:48
  4. A4 Passing Time 1:52
  5. A5 Rain 1:09
  6. A6 Alone Time 4:59
  7. A7 Hello, Is This Your House? 4:11
  8. A8 Can’t We Just Listen To The Silence 1:35
  9. B1 Wading 1:39
  10. B2 Dear Alvin 1:22
  11. B3 The Lines On The Road That Lead You Back Home 2:01
  12. B4 An Old Peasant Like Me 3:47
  13. B5 Join Me On My Avalanche 3:30
  14. B6 The Adventures Of Alvin And Lance 1:51
  15. B7 Send Off 4:10


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