Limited Edition PARANORMAN 180 Gram Glow in the Dark Vinyl Soundtrack by Jon Brion

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Mondo limited edition 180 gram glow in the dark vinyl release of Jon Brion’s score to the 2012 animated film Paranorman.

Release date: April 22, 2014.

Limited edition: 500.

Artwork by DKNG.

This title received a standard release by Mondo that featured a randomly-inserted “Aggie Fights” Highlighter Yellow Vinyl with Bone Haze. In addition to that and to celebrate Record Store Day 2014, Mondo released a limited edition (of 500) version of the pressing that featured a randomly inserted Glow In The Dark Splatter vinyl. This post is for the glow in the dark splatter vinyl.

Features a randomly inserted clear splatter disc that glows one of three colors (RED, BLUE or GREEN).

For those familiar with the works of Jon Brion (Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love) you’ll immediately recognize the melancholy, ear-worm melodies in his score to ParaNorman. Mixed with 80′s slasher throwback motifs and a whimsical family sensibility it is a terrific score front-to-back.

Track listing:

01) Zombie Attacks In The Eighties
02) Norman At The Piano / Main Title
03) Norman’s Walk
04) Alvin Attacks
05) Enter Neil / Mr. P / Ghost Walk / Ghost Dog
06) Goodbye Mr. P / Historic Drama / Grounded / Heavy Visitation
07) Alvin Again / Scary Bedroom
08) Norman Tries To Keep It Cool / Grandma’s Got Your Back
09) Moth Rock
10) The Dead Shall Be Raised
11) Zombies Attack
12) People Attack
13) Are We There Yet
14) Aggie Fights
15) Resolution
16) Oh, And One More Thing

PARANORMAN 180 Gram Vinyl Soundtrack Glow in the Dark

PARANORMAN Glow in the Dark Record Store Day Vinyl Soundtrack

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Listen to “Norman’s Walk”:

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PARANORMAN Colored Vinyl Soundtrack by Jon Brion (Mondo)

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