Limited Edition MANIAC White Vinyl Soundtrack by Rob (Mondo)

Sorry, Sold Out.

Mondo limited edition 180 gram white vinyl variant release of Rob’s score to the Franck Khalfoun directed 2012 horror thriller Maniac.

Release date: June 21, 2013.

Limited edition of an unconfirmed number of units.

Cover art is by Jeff Proctor and and Rob Jones.

Note: Mondo’s limited release featured randomly inserted white and black vinyl records. This post relates to a confirmed white vinyl insert. In order to confirm that the original package had to be opened slightly – but the record is still brand new.

Track listing:

  1. A1 Rob – Doll 1:47
  2. A2 Rob – Haunted 3:36
  3. A3 Rob – Double Trouble 1:07
  4. A4 Rob – Bells 2:47
  5. A5 Rob – Haunted Piano 1:38
  6. A6 Rob – Headache 3:53
  7. A7 Rob – Floor Light 1:09
  8. A8 Rob – Haunted Sequence 3:16
  9. B1 Rob – Slow Machine 1:24
  10. B2 Rob – Floor 1:13
  11. B3 Rob – Maze 1:38
  12. B4 Rob – Headache City 1:56
  13. B5 Rob – Wedding Maze 3:45
  14. B6 Rob – Haunted (Alternative Version) 2:08
  15. B7 Rob – Boum 1:01
  16. B8 Rob – Juno (vocals by Chloë Alper) 3:26

MANIAC Limited Edition White Vinyl Soundtrack Mondo


MANIAC Limited Edition White Vinyl Soundtrack

Listen to track 8 ‘Haunted Sequence’:

Use the ‘View on Ebay’ link in this post to purchase the product in question.

Note: There are a few other sellers on Ebay offering the white vinyl variant version, but be careful. Some advertise ‘white vinyl’ in their product title but are in fact just suggesting you might be lucky to get a white vinyl if it has been randomly inserted into the one you buy. If you really want to confirm it is white vinyl first you need the seller to have opened and verified.

The following link will take you to search results to find a seller who has done just that:

Limited Edition MANIAC White Vinyl Soundtrack by Rob (Mondo) – via Ebay