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Limited Edition LET THE RIGHT ONE IN Vinyl Soundtrack by Johan Söderqvist

Tomas Alfredson’s 2008 Let the Right One In was one of the most striking and beautiful vampire movies in decades. It is widely regarded as one of the top vampire movies ever made. That, and it featured an excellent soundtrack loaded with dark and brooding themes that struck a big chord with many soundtrack enthusiasts.

In 2012 Johan Söderqvist’s score to the film found its way to three special vinyl soundtrack releases courtesy of Death Waltz Recording Company.

One of those releases was a Limited (of 200) White Vinyl Edition that sold out and is now all but impossible to find. Another was a standard black vinyl release that is also now extremely hard to find.

The very first of those releases – and the very first vinyl release of this score ever – was released on July 25, 2012. It was a Limited Edition Black Vinyl Single LP that included an A2 poster of exclusive cover art by Candice Tripp, an internationally renowned fine artist that has shown work in galleries such as Lazarides (London) & Joshua Liner (New York). The number of limited editions is said to be 100.

In all cases, this score on vinyl is very rare and hard to find.

Track listing:

  1. A1 The Arrival (2:45)
  2. A2 Eli And Oscar (3:12)
  3. A3 Eli’s Theme (2:41)
  4. A4 The Slaughter (2:49)
  5. A5 Oscar In Love (2:11)
  6. A6 Hiding The Body (1:34)
  7. A7 After The Fight (1:06)
  8. A8 Oscar Strikes Back (1:36)
  9. A9 Virginia Wakes Up (1:09)
  10. A10 The Father (1:47)
  11. A11 Spotting A Victim (1:12)
  12. B1 Giving Up (2:20)
  13. B2 Death Of Håkan (2:18)
  14. B3 Virginia Is Bitten (2:31)
  15. B4 Then We Are Together (2:41)
  16. B5 Virginia In Flames (2:15)
  17. B6 Eli Bleeds (1:45)
  18. B7 Related By Blood (1:34)
  19. B8 Lacke Dies (1:47)
  20. B9 Going Home (1:38)

Here’s the very cool exclusive artwork:



Though practically impossible to find, the best way to find this is to periodically check Ebay using the link below as some resellers do pop up from time to time:

Limited Edition LET THE RIGHT ONE IN Vinyl Soundtrack by Johan Söderqvist