Limited Edition KING KONG 7-Inch Blue Vinyl Soundtrack

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Silva Screen Records and Music on Vinyl limited edition 7″ 50 gram blue vinyl release of selected music from composer Max Steiner’s 1933 King Kong score.

Release date: April 19, 2014 (a Record Store Day 2014 release).

Limited edition of 1,000 numbered copies.

Catalog number: MOV7022

King Kong is a classic 1933 movie about a gigantic, island-dwelling ape called Kong who is captured and brought to civilization but who dies in an attempt to possess a beautiful young woman. The film was deemed “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant” by the Library of Congress in 1991. It is a film that has been preserved in the National Film Registry.

This special release features two tracks written by Max Steiner and conducted by Nic Raine.

Composer Max Steiner (full name Maximillian Raoul Walter Steiner) was born in Vienna on May 10, 1888. He died December 28, 1971. Although he had enjoyed a prolific musical career for almost two decades it was his score to the fantasy film King Kong that finally brought him to everyone’s attention.

To create the score Steiner used an orchestra of 46 players, considered a large orchestra for its day. The budget for the orchestra is said to have also been big for its day at $50,000 – said to have been paid for by the film’s director Merian C. Cooper. The director was convinced of the importance of Steiner producing an epic score. This is in contrast to RKO Pictures who wanted to use music that had already been composed rather than have Steiner compose a new score. They wanted to save money as they were on the brink of bankruptcy. Turns out Cooper had the right idea as the score, though remaining iconic to this day, helped make the movie a massive success.

Track list:

A1: King Kong
B1: King Kong March

KING KONG Blue Vinyl Soundtrack Record Store Day 2014

KING KONG 7 Inch Vinyl Soundtrack Record Store Day 2014


Note: This is a hard to find release. Your best bet is to periodically check Ebay using the link below:

KING KONG 7″ Blue Vinyl Soundtrack

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