Limited Edition BATMAN BEGINS Vinyl Soundtrack

No Longer Available

Update: This product is no longer available.

Here’s a real opportunity for an avid vinyl soundtrack collector.

It’s a limited edition (of 500 worldwide) 180 gram Batman Begins heavyweight vinyl soundtrack.

Featuring music by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard and a gatefold sleeve double album, this a rare catch indeed. This limited edition Silva Screen release is the only time Batman Begins has ever been released on vinyl.

Director Christopher Nolan executive produced the album. It was pressed in the UK and is thus an import everywhere else.

Track listing:

  1. A1 Vespertilio
  2. A2 Eptesicus
  3. A3 Myotis
  4. A4 Barbastella
  5. B1 Artibeus
  6. B2 Tadarida
  7. B3 Macrotus
  8. C1 Antrozous
  9. C2 Nycteris
  10. C3 Molossus
  11. D1 Corynorhinus
  12. D2 Lasiurus

This is out of print and hard to get.