GLADIATOR Ultimate Edition 180g Vinyl Soundtrack

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Gladiator is to my mind one of the best movie scores ever produced by the legendary Hans Zimmer, and that’s saying something. But, it has only ever been released as a vinyl soundtrack once.

The details of that release are:

  • Label: Original Recordings Group and Universal Music
  • 180 gram
  • 2 12″ LP set
  • Limited (Ultimate) Edition
  • Country of Release: US
  • Release date: November 16, 2010

Track listing:

  1. A1 Progeny (2:15)
  2. A2 The Wheat (1:03)
  3. A3 The Battle (10:02)
  4. A4 Earth (3:02)
  5. B1 Sorrow (1:26)
  6. B2 To Zucchabar (3:16)
  7. B3 Patricide (4:08)
  8. B4 The Emperor Is Dead (1:21)
  9. B5 The Might Of Rome (5:18)
  10. C1 Strength And Honor (2:10)
  11. C2 Reunion (1:14)
  12. C3 Slaves To Rome (1:00)
  13. C4 Barbarian Horde (10:33)
  14. D1 Am I Not Merciful? (6:33)
  15. D2 Elysium (2:41)
  16. D3 Honor Him (1:20)
  17. D4 Now We Are Free (4:14)

There are still a handful of brand new copies of this limited ultimate edition that are available.

In addition to the Amazon link provided, you can also find a limited number of these on Ebay. One in particular is shown in the image below:

The item for sale at Ebay identifies the limited edition numbers that are available as 00082 and 00085. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly how many editions were actually released, but knowing the field within which the limited numbers are is a bonus.

GLADIATOR Ultimate Edition 180g Vinyl Soundtrack (Ebay)