DARK SKIES 180 Gram Double LP Vinyl Soundtrack by Joseph Bishara

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VOID Recordings double 180 gram vinyl LP release of composer Joseph Bishara’s original score to director Scott Stewart’s 2013 sci-fi/horror film Dark Skies.

Release date: July 16, 2013.

This is a limited edition deluxe audiophile vinyl release (number of edition not available).

Includes an insert with digital download code.

This powerful new score by horror master Joseph Bishara sonically blends horror sensibilities with tense science fiction overtones as waves of static rise and swell to silent stops, unrecognizable sound manipulations soar while strings, winds, and crystal bowls hold open a reality that suggests the terrifying is also staggeringly fascinating.

Track listing:

  1. Two Possibilities
  2. Dark Skies
  3. Night Ride
  4. Now Try to Get To Sleep
  5. Migration
  6. Grey Over
  7. Night Visit
  8. Missing Time
  9. Found Agape
  10. Geometric Branding
  11. Not in Control
  12. The Disturbances
  13. Night Ride 2
  14. Arrival
  15. Day House
  16. The Missing
  17. Command Control

Listen to a suite of music from the score:

Also available brand new on Ebay.