CHOPPING MALL 180 Gram Vinyl Soundtrack by Chuck Cirino

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Waxwork Records release of composer Chuck Cirino’s memorable synthesizer score to the 1986 horror cult-classic Chopping Mall.

Release date: July 29, 2014.

This is the first time Cirino’s score to Chopping Mall has been released on vinyl.


  • Remixed and remastered from the original master tapes
  • 180 gram colored vinyl
  • Housed in a heavyweight old-style tip on jacket with film laminate gloss finish
  • Liner notes from composer Chuck Cirino and Chopping Mall screen writer Steve Mitchell
  • 12″X12″ art print insert included
  • Full package artwork by We Buy Your Kids

Note: This colored vinyl release comes in two variants: 1) neon yellow with neon green haze vinyl AND 2) fluorescent pink vinyl (both are pictured below). The Amazon listing does not specify which variant will be supplied, so please contact the supplier to confirm which one you’d prefer. You can also visit Waxworks directly and specify your chosen color by purchasing directly through them (while stocks last).

Track listing:

  1. Main Title
  2. Come Out And Play
  3. Do They Kill Cockroaches?
  4. Shopping Death
  5. Showdown
  6. Burning Terror
  7. Running Rampant
  8. Fergie’s Dead
  9. Zombiebot
  10. The One In The Middle
  11. Scary
  12. Crawling Around
  13. Love Theme
  14. End Title
  15. Have A Nice Day
  16. Chopping Mall Suite

CHOPPING MALL 180 Gram Vinyl Soundtrack

CHOPPING MALL Vinyl Soundtrack yellow green haze variant

CHOPPING MALL Vinyl Soundtrack purple variant


Listen to a preview of the score:

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