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Sony Legacy double 180 gram vinyl LP pressing of the various artists soundtrack to the 2012 documentary West of Memphis: Voices for Justice.

Release Date: March 5, 2013.

Features music from and inspired by the documentary that examines a failure of justice in the wrongful conviction of three Arkansas teenagers known as the “West Memphis Three” who were found guilty in 1994 for murder.

Performances include a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Mother” performed by Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, Satellite by Eddie Vedder, as well as songs by artists including Lucinda Williams, Band of Horses, Patti Smith, Citizen Cope, Tonto’s Giant Nuts featuring Johnny Depp.

Also included is a suite from the film’s original score composed by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, as well as excerpts from Damien Echols’ letters from death row recited by Henry Rollins and Johnny Depp over the score.

Track listing:

  1. A1 Damien Echols Death Row Letter Year 9 – Henry Rollins
  2. A2 Mother – Natalie Maines
  3. A3 Joy – Lucinda Williams
  4. A4 The Jean Genie – Camp Freddy
  5. A5 Little Lion Man – Tonto’s Giant Nuts Feat. Johnny Depp & Bruce Witken
  6. A6 You’re So Vain – Marilyn Manson
  7. A7 Dumpster World (Live) – Band of Horses
  8. B1 DFW – Citizen Cope
  9. B2 Satellite – Eddie Vedder
  10. B3 Anything Made of Paper – Bill Carter
  11. B4 House of Pain – White Buffalo
  12. B5 Ring Them Bells – Bob Dylan
  13. B6 West of Memphis Score Suite – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  14. B7 Damien Echols Death Row Letter Year 16 – Tonto’s Giant Nuts Feat. Johnny Depp
  15. B8 Wing (Recorded Live at Voices For Justice Benefit Concert – August 28, 2010) (Bonus Track) – Patti Smith

From Rolling Stone:

“Nick Cave and Warren Ellis composed the film’s original score, which appears on the album as a suite. Many of the songs covered on the album, including a Mumford & Sons track performed by Johnny Depp’s band Tonto’s Giant Nuts, figured prominently in the life of Damien Echols, one of the film’s producers, as he sat on death row for the murders. Other tracks, like Patti Smith’s recording of “Wing” and Eddie Vedder’s “Satellite”, developed from various benefit efforts for the case.”


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