ONCE Vinyl Soundtrack by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová

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Music on Vinyl release of the Oscar winning and Grammy nominated soundtrack to director John Carney’s 2006 Irish musical drama Once.

Release date: August 31, 2010.

The stars of the film, Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, are actually musicians and the performers of the music on this soundtrack. Hansard is well known as the former bassist and singer from the rock band The Frames. Irglová became the first ever person to be given a second opportunity to give an Oscar acceptance speech (for winning Best Original Song “Falling Slowly” at the 2008 Academy Awards).

Track list:

  1. A1 Falling Slowly (4:04)
  2. A2 If You Want Me (3:48)
  3. A3 Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy (0:53)
  4. A4 When Your Mind’s Made Up (3:41)
  5. A5 Lies (3:59)
  6. A6 Gold (3:59)
  7. B1 The Hill (4:35)
  8. B2 Fallen From The Sky (3:25)
  9. B3 Leave (2:46)
  10. B4 Trying To Pull Myself Away (3:36)
  11. B5 All The Way Down (2:39)
  12. B6 Once (3:38)
  13. B7 Say It To Me Now (2:35)

ONCE Vinyl Soundtrack


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