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THE RAID: REDEMPTION 180 Gram 2LP Smokey Grey Vinyl Soundtrack

Mondo limited edition 180 gram double LP vinyl release of Mike Shinoda and Joe Trapanese’s original score to The Raid: Redemption.

Release date: May 24, 2013.

This album was pressed on 180 Gram vinyl in both black and smokey grey color. The smokey grey was a variant color that was randomly inserted (so no purchaser knew what they were getting).

Number of limited editions is unknown.

Score has been remastered for this release.

Track listing:

  1. A1 Prayers
  2. A2 Gear Up
  3. A3 The Arrival
  4. A4 We Have Company
  5. A5 We’re Alone Here
  6. A6 Quaking Old Fuck
  7. B7 Hole Drop
  8. B8 Moving Up, Part 1
  9. B9 Moving Up, Part 2
  10. B10 Trapped
  11. B11 Close Shave
  12. C12 One Way Out
  13. C13 Machete Standoff
  14. C14 Rama’s Family Dream
  15. C15 Chair Slam
  16. C16 Dirty Cop
  17. C17 Jaka Caught
  18. C18 Dog Fight
  19. C19 Uncle Andi
  20. C20 Dead Already
  21. D21 Drug Lab
  22. D22 Andi Strung Up
  23. D23 Putting A Mad Dog Down
  24. D24 Misfire
  25. D25 Razors.Out (Performed by Chino Moreno)
  26. D26 Suicide Music (Performed by Get Busy Committee)

Note: Back of album cover art shown below identifies record side with Indonesian: “Satu” (1), “Dua” (2), “Tiga” (3), and “Empat” (4):



THE RAID: REDEMPTION Smokey Grey Variant 180g Vinyl – Photo credit: Billy Garrett

Comes housed in a sturdy gatefold sleeve with a printed insert.


Listen to track 2 ‘Gear up’:

[youtube id=”PkUHLUMofMc” align=”center”]

You can find this vinyl soundtrack periodically on Ebay at the link below:

THE RAID: REDEMPTION 180 Gram 2LP Smokey Grey Vinyl Soundtrack