SUPERBAD Vinyl Soundtrack by Lyle Workman

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Phineas Atwood vinyl release of Lyle Workman’s score to Greg Mottola’s 2007 comedy¬†Superbad.

Release Date: November 4, 2014.


  • Limited edition of 2000
  • 2 x LP’s (3 sides of music, one side a screen print)
  • Mix of music written specifically for the film by Lyle Workman
  • Includes tracks from Sergio Mendes, Brasil 66, Rick James, The Bar-Keys and more.

Track list:

1. Super What?
2. Too Hot To Stop
3. Seth Pulls Into Lot
4. Cops See Fogel’s Id/ Seth Saves Evan
5. Do Me
6. Flashback Party Weekend
7. P.S. I Love You
8. Evan Runs
9. Sleeping Bags
10. Like a Pimp
11. Here I Come
12. Seth Runs On Track
13. Bustin’ Out (On Funk)
14. Evan’s Basement Jam
15. Roda
16. Goldslick/Seth Fantasy
17. Soul Finger
18. Funk McLovin

Note 1: The song ‘These Eyes’ (below) is reportedly not on this release.

Note 2:¬†Track list and cover image may change (complete details not available at the time of this post). We’ll update this post once it’s available. Please check details with seller prior to purchase to confirm you’re getting what you think you’re getting.

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