SANTA CLAUS: THE MOVIE Vinyl Soundtrack (1985)

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There were four separate vinyl pressings of Henry Mancini’s Santa Claus: The Movie soundtrack. All were in 1985, all were by label EMI, and all were exactly the same, the only difference being country of origin.

These days finding a good quality copy of any of these pressings is pretty tough, but not impossible.

Right now there are a handful of these LP’s available for sale. All are used, and as far as I can find only two are in top quality.

Track listing

  1. Main Title: Every Christmas Eve and Santa’s Theme – Performed by Aled Jones and the National Philharmonic Orchestra (04:05)
  2. Arrival Of The Elves – Performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra (04:01)
  3. Making Toys – Performed by the Ambrosian Children’s Choir and the National Philharmonic Orchestra (03:54)
  4. Christmas Rhapsody – Performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra (03:47)
  5. It’s Christmas Again – Performed by the Ambrosian Children’s Choir  (02:25)
  6. March Of The Elves – Performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra (02:51)
  7. Patch, Natch! – Performed by the Ambrosian Singers (01:14)
  8. It’s Christmas All Over The World – Performed by Sheena Easton (04:52)
  9. Shouldn’t Do That – Performed by Kaja  (03:27)
  10. Sleigh Ride Over Manhattan – Performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra (04:09)
  11. Sad Patch – Performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra (03:05)
  12. Patch Versus Santa – Performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra (04:12)
  13. Thank You, Santa (03:06) – Performed by the Ambrosian Children’s Choir (04:12)

Total Duration: 00:45:08

You can also find this available on Ebay via the link below (while it lasts):

SANTA CLAUS: THE MOVIE Vinyl Soundtrack (Ebay)

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