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Ninja Tune double vinyl pressing of the Cinematic Orchestra’s score to the re-released 1929 silent documentary by Russian director Dziga Vertov’s titled the Man With a Movie Camera.

Release date: July 23, 2013.

In 2001 the Cinematic Orchestra were commissioned to record a score to play as an opening event in Porto, Portugal’s year as European Capital of Culture. Composed by Jason Swinscoe and performed by the British jazz and electronic outfit the Cinematic Orchestra, their score became the new soundtrack to the re-released 1929 film which was released in limited numbers on DVD by Ninja Tune.

This double vinyl pressing re-releases that score and includes a digital download.

  1. A1 The Projectionist 0:06
  2. A2 Melody 0:20
  3. A3 Dawn 4:15
  4. A4 The Awakening Of A Woman (Burnout) 10:20
  5. B1 Reel Life (Evolution II) 6:56
  6. B2 Postlude 1:45
  7. B3 Evolution (Versao Portuense) 5:48
  8. C1 Work It! (Man With The Movie Camera) 10:11
  9. C2 Voyage 0:20
  10. C3 Odessa 2:05
  11. C4 Theme De Yoyo 2:20
  12. C5 The Magician 2:26
  13. D1 Theme Reprise 2:53
  14. D2 Yoyo Waltz 1:16
  15. D3 Drunken Tune 4:51
  16. D4 The Animated Tripod 1:02
  17. D5 All Things to All Men 6:00

This vinyl soundtrack is also available on Ebay at the link below:

MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA Vinyl Soundtrack by Jason Swinscoe