LIVE AND LET DIE 180 Gram Remastered Vinyl Soundtrack

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Capitol Records 180 gram vinyl release of the remastered soundtrack to the 1973 action thriller Live and Let Die.

This release features a completely remastered soundtrack from an analog source by Ron McMaster at Capital Records and includes 8 tracks not previously included on any prior release.

Features a variety of different genres of music including soul-jazz, easy listening, lounge, jazz-funk, classic rock as well as the originally composed score by George Martin.

Track listing:

  1. A1 Paul McCartney & Wings* – Live And Let Die (Main Title)
  2. A2-1 Harold A. “Duke” Dejan* & Olympia Brass Band, The – Just A Closer Walk With Thee
  3. A2-2 Harold A. “Duke” Dejan* & Olympia Brass Band, The – New Second Line
  4. A3 George Martin – Bond Meets Solitaire
  5. A4 George Martin – Whisper Who Dares
  6. A5 George Martin – Snakes Alive
  7. A6 George Martin – Baron Samedi’s Dance Of Death
  8. A7 George Martin – San Monique
  9. B1-1 George Martin – Fillet Of Soul – New Orleans
  10. B1-2 BJ Arnau – Live And Let Die
  11. B1-3 George Martin – Fillet Of Soul – Harlem
  12. B2 George Martin – Bond Drops In
  13. B3 George Martin – If He Finds It, Kill Him
  14. B4 George Martin – Trespassers Will Be Eaten
  15. B5 George Martin – Solitaire Gets Her Cards
  16. B6 George Martin – Sacrifice
  17. B7 George Martin – James Bond ThemeComposed By – Monty Norman

LIsten to George Martin’s ‘Snakes Alive’ (note this is not the remastered version and hence is not representative of the quality you can expect the track to sound on 180g vinyl):

The Live and Let Die soundtrack was also the first to use a rock music arrangement to open a Bond film – Paul McCartney & Wings Performing “Live And Let Die”:

What a fantastic soundtrack this is!