Limited Edition MANIAC 200 Gram Colored Vinyl Soundtrack by Jay Chattaway

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This is new record label Mondo’s first vinyl soundtrack pressing.

It’s a reissue of Jay Chattaway’s original score to director Franck Khalfoun’s 1980 horror film Maniac.

For this release Chattaway’s score has been completely remastered (by James Plotkin) before getting pressed on heavyweight 200 gram vinyl.

As Mondo’s first ever record release, it was limited to a strict 500 copies.

Of those, 325 copies were pressed on black vinyl while the remaining 175 copies were pressed on a clear/red mix.

Each copy was randomly inserted into the full 500 limited release.

The release also included brand new liner notes by Lars Nilsen and artwork by Ken Taylor.

This is an extremely rare vinyl soundtrack, one sought after by many collectors.

All 500 copies sold out from Mondo immediately upon release, which was completely unsurprising.

Unfortunately I can’t find a single one available for sale even now. If I do, I’ll update links in this post. I’m guessing we won’t hold our breath on that happening any time soon though, especially since even the original Maniac LP is still unavailable wherever you look.

For now, if you want to hear Jay Chattaway’s score to Maniac you’ll have to be content to grab it on CD, which this post links to.

Listen to track 2 ‘Apocalypse New York’:

Limited Edition MANIAC 200 Gram Colored Vinyl Soundtrack by Jay Chattaway


There’s not many copies of the CD soundtrack floating around either. You can also try Ebay:

MANIAC Audio CD Soundtrack (via Ebay)