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Limited Edition MACHETE KILLS 180 Gram Bloody-Red Vinyl Soundtrack

Music on Vinyl 180 gram audiophile colored vinyl release of the various artists/score soundtrack to director Robert Rodriguez’ action thriller Machete Kills.

Release Date: March 17, 2014.

This is a limited edition, first pressing release of 1000 numbered copies on bloody-red vinyl.


Catalogue number: MOVLP1019.

This rocking soundtrack featuring latin-flavored desert rock and cynical mariachi meets classical scores is sure to give the bass of your sound system a healthy workout.

Track listing:


  1. Machete Kills Main Titles
  2. Telele
  3. They Call Him “Machete”
  4. Return of Machete
  5. Sheriff Doakes
  6. President Rathcock
  7. Miss San Antonio
  8. Desdemona
  9. Cereza
  10. Mendez the Madman
  11. Machete on Boat
  12. Chameleon


  1. Road Battle
  2. Luther Voz
  3. Clone Battle
  4. Escape from Voz Tech
  5. Taco Time
  6. Machete Lives
  7. Chick Fight
  8. See You in Space, Mr. Machete
  9. Machete Kills End Titles
  10. El Rey (Chingon Live)

MACHETE KILLS 180g Bloody Red Vinyl Soundtrack

This is a rare item, but can be found from time to time on Ebay at the link below:

MACHETE KILLS Vinyl Soundtrack on Ebay