Limited Anniversary Edition RESERVOIR DOGS Colored Vinyl Soundtrack (Various Artists)

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The Limited Anniversary Edition Reservoir Dogs Colored Vinyl Soundtrack release by Geffen Records was part of a 20th anniversary Quentin Tarantino campaign designed to coincide with the release of Tarantino’s film Django Unchained.

What’s awesome about this release is that the color of the 20″ vinyl LP inside will vary between blonde, orange, brown, white, blue and, of course, pink. If you’re a fan of Reservoir Dogs you’ll immediately recognize those color variants are a nod to the code names for the various characters in the film.

If you’re like me you’ll be wanting to get the pink version since, and I’m guessing here, it will no doubt become the most sought after color variant. Steve Buscemi’s famous “Why am I Mr. Pink?” might become vinyl soundtrack a collector’s chant of “Why didn’t I get pink!”. Unfortunately the insert is random (a “Mister-Y” colored vinyl insert), so the color variant you get you won’t know until after you’ve purchased.

The track listing includes full length songs and dialogue snippets. Combined, the dialogue snippets and the songs tell the story of Reservoir Dogs via music, which is very cool!

  1. And Now Little Green Bag… – dialogue by Steven Wright (0:15)
  2. Little Green Bag – The George Baker Selection (3:15)
  3. Rock Flock of Five – dialogue by Steven Wright (0:11)
  4. Hooked on a Feeling – Blue Swede (2:53)
  5. Bohemiath – dialogue by Steven Wright (0:34)
  6. I Gotcha – Joe Tex (2:27)
  7. Magic Carpet Ride – Bedlam (5:10)
  8. Madonna Speech – dialogue by Quentin Tarantino, Edward Bunker, Lawrence Tierney, Steve Buscemi, and Harvey Keitel (0:59)
  9. Fool for Love – Sandy Rogers (3:25)
  10. Super Sounds – dialogue by Steven Wright (0:19)
  11. Stuck in the Middle with You – Stealers Wheel (3:23)
  12. Harvest Moon – Bedlam (2:38)
  13. Let’s Get a Taco – dialogue by Harvey Keitel and Tim Roth (1:02)
  14. Keep on Truckin’ – dialogue by Steven Wright (0:16)
  15. Coconut – Harry Nilsson (3:50)
  16. Home of Rock – dialogue by Steven Wright (0:05)

Although I’ve seen a few sites advertising this as a 20″ release, this is a 12″ limited edition vinyl soundtrack of only 4000 copies worldwide, It comes gold foil stamped and individually numbered..

The Reservoir Dogs soundtrack was first released on vinyl by Simply Vinyl in 1992 and reissued on vinyl again in 1997. It is regarded as a classic and I’m quite sure this limited edition release will soon be considered with as much if not a higher regard than any soundtrack release from the film to date.

If you want one of these soundtracks you’ll have to move quick. This is one major in-demand vinyl soundtrack release that is already selling out from many vendors fast. Other vendors are rapidly increasing their price as demand goes up and stock levels go down.

Finally, since these are selling out fast and since the only way to get these soon will be secondhand, here’s a link to find what’s available on Ebay at any given time:

Limited Anniversary Edition Reservoir Dogs Colored Vinyl Soundtrack (search Ebay)

Also available on Audio CD.

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