LA LA LAND Vinyl Soundtrack

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Interscope release of the original music to director Damien Chazelle’s musical drama La La Land.

Release date: December 16, 2016.

Features music composed and orchestrated by Justin Hurwitz together with vocal performances from the film’s stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

Track listing:

1. Another Day Of Sun
2. Someone in the Crowd
3. Mia & Sebastian’s Theme
4. A Lovely Night
5. Herman’s Habit
6. City of Stars
7. Planetarium
8. Summer Montage/Madeline
9. City of Stars
10. Start A Fire
11. Engagement Party
12. Audition (The Fools Who Dream)
13. Epilogue / The End
14. City Of Stars (Humming)

Listen to “City of Stars” as sung by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the film:

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