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GHOSTBUSTERS II Vinyl Soundtrack (Various Artists, 2014 Reissue)

Geffen Records reissue of the original soundtrack to the 1989 supernatural comedy Ghostbusters II.

Release Date: September 9, 2014.

This is a standard vinyl, single LP release.

Features a blend of R&B, new jack swing, and rap.

This release includes a reworked version of Ray Parker, Jr.’s famous original theme by Run-D.M.C. as well as two cuts from Bobby Brown (“On Our Own,” “We’re Back”) and New Edition (“Supernatural”).

Track listing:

1. On Our Own – Bobby Brown
2. Supernatural – New Edition
3. The Promised Land – J.T. Taylor
4. We’re Back – Bobby Brown
5. Spirit – Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew
6. Ghostbusters – Run D.M.C.
7. Flesh ‘N Blood – Oingo Boingo
8. Love Is A Cannibal – Elton John
9. Flip City – Glenn Frey
10. Higher And Higher – Howard Huntsberry

Listen to track 9 “Flip City”:

Check for alternate availability at the link below:

GHOSTBUSTERS II Vinyl Soundtrack (Ebay)