ALTER EGOS Vinyl Soundtrack by Sean Lennon

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Chimera Music vinyl pressing of Sean Lennon’s original music to the 2012 indie superhero comedy Alter Egos.

Released in 2013.

Sean Lennon, John & Yoko’s son, delivers sweeping orchestral arrangements, surf guitar, epic superhero themes & a touch of eerie in this original vinyl soundtrack.

Lennon acts as both composer and performer on the 20 song soundtrack.

Miho Hatori (Cibo Matto) lends her voice to “Fridge Walks,” one of two vocal tracks on Alter Egos.

Rolling Stone praised the Alter Egos score as “a pastiche of familiar superhero movie orchestration and a variety of pop styles, further cement[ing] Lennon’s reputation as a musical chameleon.”

Similarly, Variety notes an ability to “span a wide array of musical styles from retro to noir to psychedelic to sweeping, tension-filled action.”

Track listing:

  1. Main Theme 1:52
  2. My Hero 2:42
  3. The Killer 3:09
  4. The Conflict 1:06
  5. Fridge Walks 4:04
  6. Montage 2:16
  7. Hampty Hamps 0:48
  8. Emily vs Claudel 1:14
  9. The Capture 2:47
  10. C-Thru Runs 0:28
  11. The Shrink 4:49
  12. Love Life 3:06
  13. Jimmy’s Theme 1:06
  14. Supercore 0:58
  15. The Flight 0:47
  16. The Dance Pt. 1 3:01
  17. Shrink’s Theme 0:44
  18. Tits 1:14
  19. Jimmy’s Drunk 2:55
  20. Exile 2:16

Also available on CD via Ebay at the following link:

ALTER EGOS Vinyl Soundtrack by Sean Lennon (via Ebay)

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