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THE WORLD’S GREATEST LOVER Vinyl Soundtrack by John Morris

RCA vinyl release of John Morris’ score to the 1977 comedy The World’s Greatest Lover.

Release Date: 1978.

The World’s Greatest Lover starred Gene Wilder as a neurotic baker who travels to Hollywood to attend a talent search for an actor to rival the great Valentino.

Although released nearing on four decades ago, it is still possible to purchase this as both an unopened new and secondhand copy.

Features the original score composed and conducted by John Morris.

Track Listing:

  1. Fox Trademark (00:13)
  2. Valentino Movie/World’s Greatest Lover Tango (03:32)
  3. Los Angeles Train (01:12)
  4. You Oughta Be In Pictures (00:54)
  5. You Oughta Be In Pictures/That’s My Weakness Now (00:31)
  6. Garden Music/Reaching For Someone (02:56)
  7. Ain’t It Kinda Wonderful (04:10) – vocal by Harry Nilsson
  8. Red Rose Uncle Harry/I’m Bringing A Red, Red Rose (02:51)
  9. I’m Bringing A Red, Red Rose (02:44)
  10. You Oughta Be In Pictures/Shuffle Off To Buffalo (02:46)
  11. Gene Valentino Montage (02:38)
  12. Fascination (Valse Tzigane)/Tent Scene (03:34)
  13. Gangster’s Walk/Valentino Tango (Noche De Amor)/Girls Kicking (02:24)
  14. Ain’t It Kinda Wonderful (01:24)
  15. Triumph Tango/Girls To Montage/Ain’t It Kinda Wonderful/Finale (04:07)
  16. Ain’t It Kinda Wonderful (01:38) – vocal by Harry Nilsson

You can find this vinyl soundtrack on Ebay at the link below:

THE WORLD’S GREATEST LOVER Vinyl Soundtrack by John Morris