THE WORLD’S GREATEST LOVER Vinyl Soundtrack by John Morris

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RCA vinyl release of John Morris’ score to the 1977 comedy The World’s Greatest Lover.

Release Date: 1978.

The World’s Greatest Lover starred Gene Wilder as a neurotic baker who travels to Hollywood to attend a talent search for an actor to rival the great Valentino.

Although released nearing on four decades ago, it is still possible to purchase this as both a new and secondhand copy.

Features the original score composed and conducted by John Morris.

Track Listing:

  1. Fox Trademark (00:13)
  2. Valentino Movie/World’s Greatest Lover Tango (03:32)
  3. Los Angeles Train (01:12)
  4. You Oughta Be In Pictures (00:54)
  5. You Oughta Be In Pictures/That’s My Weakness Now (00:31)
  6. Garden Music/Reaching For Someone (02:56)
  7. Ain’t It Kinda Wonderful (04:10) – vocal by Harry Nilsson
  8. Red Rose Uncle Harry/I’m Bringing A Red, Red Rose (02:51)
  9. I’m Bringing A Red, Red Rose (02:44)
  10. You Oughta Be In Pictures/Shuffle Off To Buffalo (02:46)
  11. Gene Valentino Montage (02:38)
  12. Fascination (Valse Tzigane)/Tent Scene (03:34)
  13. Gangster’s Walk/Valentino Tango (Noche De Amor)/Girls Kicking (02:24)
  14. Ain’t It Kinda Wonderful (01:24)
  15. Triumph Tango/Girls To Montage/Ain’t It Kinda Wonderful/Finale (04:07)
  16. Ain’t It Kinda Wonderful (01:38) – vocal by Harry Nilsson

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