Super Deal: Original STAR WARS Vinyl Soundtrack by John Williams

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The very first LP I ever purchased as a kid and that was the very thing that launched my love of soundtracks was John Williams’ original Star Wars soundtrack.

The one I purchased was the 1977 United States Double LP (2T-541) that came with a beautiful gatefold album, awesome full color poster, and two-sided information sheet about the film and soundtrack.

It is, without doubt, one of if not my most cherished of all the vinyl soundtracks I own.

So it was with a massive trip of nostalgia when I discovered a seller has one of these exact releases on Ebay.

Yes, there are a few of these that are for sale at any one time but usually when I see these go up they are in pretty average condition.

This one, however, is stated to be in excellent condition.

From the looks of the images, it definitely appears to be exactly that, including the poster:



This is such a great find that I’m almost tempted to buy it for myself, especially at the ridiculously low asking price of $58. I’ve seen plenty of average condition original copies of this go for higher than that. But, I already have it, so I have to instead post about it for one of you lucky guys to snap up instead.

Track listing:

  1. A1. Main Title (05:20)
  2. A2. Imperial Attack (06:10)
  3. A3. Princess Leia’s Theme (04:18)
  4. A4. The Desert and the Robot Auction (02:51)
  5. B1. Ben’s Death and the Fighter Attack (03:46)
  6. B2. The little People Work (04:02)
  7. B3. Rescue of the Princess (04:46)
  8. B4. Inner City (04:12)
  9. B5. Cantina Band (02:44)
  10. C6. Land of the Sand People (02:50)
  11. C7. Mouse Robot and Blasting Off (04:01)
  12. C8. The Return Home (02:46)
  13. C9. The Walls Coonverge (04:31)
  14. C10. The Princess Appears (04:04)
  15. D5. The Last Battle (12:05)
  16. D6. The Throne Room and End Title (05:28)

Total Duration: 01:13:54



Hit the view link to get it and/or to see even more images.

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