I SOLITI IGNOTI (aka BIG DEAL ON MADONNA STREET) Vinyl Soundtrack by Piero Umiliani

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RCA Italiana, Rearward and Naxos of America “special edition” vinyl release of Piero Umiliani’s score to the 1958 crime-comedy I Soliti Ignoti (aka Big Deal on Madonna Street).

Release date: July 29, 2014.

Catalogue no: RW151EP

A rare italian EP that features Italian composer Piero Umiliani’s distinctive jazz vibe as well as some offbeat piano and classic blues.

Release as a 45RPM 7″ LP.

Track list:

  1. Blues For Gassman (parte I)
  2. Blues For Gassman (parte II)
  3. Tema D’amore
  4. Finale