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SECRET PLACES Vinyl Soundtrack by Michel Legrand (1984)

This is the original LP pressing of composer Michel Legrand’s score to director Zelda Barron’s 1984 drama Secret Places.

The film tells the moving story of young girl’s growing up in a rural England against the backdrop of World War II.

Michel Jean Legrand (born February 24, 1932, in Bécon-les-Bruyères in the Paris suburbs) is a French-Armenian musical composer, arranger, conductor, and pianist. His Secret Places score received three vinyl releases in 1984. Virgin Records released it in both Germany and Great Britain. Shanachie released it in the USA. They were all identical releases except the Shanachie release which was the first and featured a unique cover (the one above).

Track Listing:

  1. Secret Places – Main Theme
  2. Domino
  3. Measure For Measure
  4. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
  5. Midsummer
  6. He Who Would Valiant Be
  7. Joie De Vivre
  8. The Rehearsal
  9. Quintessence
  10. Fete Champetre
  11. Eleventh Hour
  12. Secret Places – Jazz Variations
  13. Party Blues
  14. Hi Jinx
  15. End Theme
  16. Secret Places (performed by Kiri Te Kanawa)

You can hear the “Secret Places – Main Theme” in this video (set to unrelated images):

This vinyl soundtrack is available on Ebay at the link below>

SECRET PLACES 1985 Vinyl Soundtrack (Ebay)