PARADISE ALLEY Vinyl Soundtrack By Bill Conti (1978)

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This is the soundtrack by Bill Conti to the Sylvester Stallone directed 1978 drama Paradise Alley.

Starring Sylvester Stallone, Anne Archer and Armand Assante, the film tells the story of three brothers who fight to escape the seedy clutches of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Released by MCA Records in 1978, this is the only LP ever released of the soundtrack.

Track listing (tracks marked with * indicate instrumental score by Bill Conti):

  1. A1 Too Close to Paradise (04:43)
  2. A2 Tough Life in Hell’s Kitchen (04:00) *
  3. A3 (Meet Me in) Paradise Alley (04:30)
  4. A4 Wrestling Montage (04:19) *
  5. A5 Angel Voice (02:36)
  6. B1 Too Close to Paradise (04:21) *
  7. B2 Annie’s Back in Town (03:31)
  8. B3 Decision! (01:55) *
  9. B4 Please Be Someone to Me (02:58)
  10. B5 Victor’s Big Match (02:24) *
  11. B6 Too Close to Paradise (06:16)


Listen to Bill Conti’s instrumental ‘Too Close for Comfort’ (first track on Side B):

You can also fin a copy of this soundtrack at Ebay via the link below:

PARADISE ALLEY Vinyl Soundtrack By Bill Conti (Ebay)

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