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MANIAC Vinyl Soundtrack by Rob (Redeye Label)

Standard black vinyl release of the soundtrack to the Franck Khalfoun directed 2012 horror thriller Maniac.

Release date: July 21, 2013.

Single LP.

Label: Redeye Label

Track listing:

  1. A1 Doll
  2. A2 Haunted
  3. A3 Double Trouble
  4. A4 Bells
  5. A5 Haunted Piano
  6. A6 Headache
  7. A7 Floor Light
  8. A8 Haunted Sequence
  9. B1 Slow Machine
  10. B2 Floor
  11. B3 Maze
  12. B4 Headache City
  13. B5 Wedding Maz
  14. B6 Haunted (alternative version)
  15. B7 Boum
  16. B8 Juno (sung by Chloe Alper)

Occasionally can be found on Ebay being sold be resellers at the link below:

MANIAC Vinyl Soundtrack by Rob (Redeye Label)