MAN ON FIRE Vinyl Soundtrack by John Scott

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This is an original score to director Élie Chouraqui’s 1987 action thriller Man on Fire by composer John Scott.

Pressed in the USA in 1987 by Varese Sarabande (label STV-81343), it was only ever released on record once.

Track listing:

  1. A1 Man on Fire
  2. A2 The Bomb
  3. A3 Snake’s First Victim
  4. A4 Sam Wins the Race
  5. A5 The Villa at Night
  6. A6 The Ransom Drop
  7. A7 Start of the Search
  8. B1 Death of Creasy
  9. B2 Beacoming Friends
  10. B3 The Kidnapping
  11. B4 We’ve Got Each Other
  12. B5 Rabbia Must Die
  13. B6 Sam Runs Into Danger
  14. B7 Reconciliation
  15. B8 Premature Death
  16. B9 Reunited

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MAN ON FIRE Vinyl Soundtrack by John Scott (Ebay)