LUCIFER RISING Vinyl Soundtrack by Bobby BeauSoleil

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Ajna Music release of Bobby BeauSoleil’s original music to director Kenneth Anger’s 1972 fantasy short Lucifer Rising.

Release Date: December 16, 2016.


  • Single Vinyl LP pressing
  • Printed inner sleeve
  • Spot glass jacket
  • Remastered from the nascent mix tape in high audio fidelity

Kenneth Anger met Bobby BeauSoleil in 1966 where the two agreed to work together on Lucifer Rising. BeauSoleil was meant to star. Later in 1969 BeauSoleil was convicted for his involvement in the Manson murders and sentenced to death. This was commuted to life imprisonment. Anger pressed on and in 1972 hired Jimmy Page to take over making the music for his film. Later Anger abandoned Page’s score and instead reconnected with BeauSoleil. In 1976, with the consent of the prison authorities, BeauSoleil recorded the Lucifer Rising music with other inmates of the facilities of Tracy, CA. In 1980 his score received a limited edition vinyl pressing of 1,000 copies.

In 2013, The Lucifer Rising Suite was re-released on LP (now unavailable, though you may find copies for sale on Ebay).

With this commemorative reissue, label Ajna label has remained faithful to the artist’s original conception. The music has been restored to a seamless whole by returning to the nascent mix tape and giving it a fresh mastering for the ultimate in audio fidelity.

Track listing:

1. A1. Lucifer Rising
2. B1. Lucifer Rising

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