EASTERN BOYS Vinyl Soundtrack by Arnaud Rebotini

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Blackstrobe records vinyl pressing of Arnaud Rebotini’s original music to the French drama Eastern Boys.

Original release date: June 2, 2014 (available as in import in the US as of August 5, 2014).

Composer Arnaud Rebotini delivers a beautiful score ranging from contemporary to techno.

Track listing:

  1. Arrestation
  2. Couloir Boss
  3. East Boys Themes
  4. Negociation
  5. La Cuisine
  6. Eastern Boys
  7. Cette Fete Dont Je Suis L’otage
  8. Un Peu De Verre Casse
  9. Who’s Gonna Play This Old Machine?
  10. Le Doute
  11. Encore Un Doute
  12. La Chambre
  13. La Nuit

Listen to a preview:

Listen to track 9 ‘Who’s Gonna Play This Old Machine’:

You may also find the Eastern Boys vinyl soundtrack on Ebay.