SILENT RUNNING Green Vinyl Soundtrack

No longer available.

You’ll have to hurry to snap this rare collector’s item up, and I mean hurry.

At the time of posting this there’s less than 20 minutes left on an auction to secure an original 1978 Varese Sarabande Green Vinyl Soundtrack pressing of Peter Schickele’s original score.

This is the green vinyl reissue of the original LP that was released in 1971.

Track listing:

  1. A1 Joan Baez – Rejoice In The Sun (2:10)
  2. A2 The Space Fleet (3:28)
  3. A3 Rejoice In The Sun (Instrumental) (1:58)
  4. A4 No Turning Back (2:50)
  5. A5 Driving Crazy (2:26)
  6. A6 Drifting (2:08)
  7. B1 Joan Baez – Silent Running (2:01)
  8. B2 The Dying Forest (2:24)
  9. B3 Tending To Huey (2:55)
  10. B4 Saturn (4:09)
  11. B5 Getting Ready (1:45)
  12. B6 Joan Baez – Rejoice In The Sun (Reprise) (1:30)

The crazy thing is this is advertised as a Near Mint condition cover with a vinyl that appears to be unplayed, but at the time of posting this the auction price is still at only $9.99. That’s mad. So, if you’re fast, you might be able to add this to your vinyl soundtrack collection with minimal outlay!

Update: This auction has now ended.