CLERKS Vinyl Soundtrack

UPDATE: You can now buy this on Ebay

The various songs soundtrack to the 1994 comedy Clerks is getting pressed on vinyl for the very first time, courtesy of Shop Radio Cast.

It will come as a double LP featuring newly mastered music, a gatefold jacket, and a few different variants:

  • Limited edition of 500 white/black SRC exclusives
  • Limited edition of 1,500 clear with black smoke

Release date is November 11, 2014.

Track list (Side D will be an etching):


A1 Dialogue – Dante’s Lament
A2 Love Among Freaks – Clerks
A3 Girls Against Boys – Kill The Sex Player
A4 Dialogue – No Time For Love, Dr. Jones
A5 Alice In Chains – Got Me Wrong
A6 Dialogue – Randal & Dante On Sex
A7 Bash & Pop – Making Me Sick


B1 Dialogue – A Bunch Of Muppets
B2 Supernova – Chewbacca
B3 The Jesus Lizard – Panic In Cicero
B4 Golden Smog – Shooting Star
B5 Bad Religion – Leaders And Followers
B6 Dialogue – I Like To Expand My Horizons


C1 Stabbing Westward – Violent Mood Swings (Thread Mix)
C2 Love Among Freaks – Berserker
C3 Corrosion Of Conformity – Big Problems
C4 Seaweed – Go Your Own Way
C5 Dialogue – Social Event Of The Season
C6 Soul Asylum – Can’t Even Tell
C7 Dialogue – Jay’s Chant

You can find this item at the link below:

CLERKS Vinyl Soundtrack on Ebay.

OLDBOY vinyl soundtrack by cho young-wuk

Update: You can now buy this on Ebay.

Invada Records and Milan Records have announced they’ll be releasing a vinyl pressing of Cho Young-Wuk’s score to the 2003 thriller Oldboy.

The soundtrack, overseen by Cho Young-Wuk, will include new artwork from Laurent Durieux.

Since two different labels are releasing it, we’ll have two different versions.

  1. Milan will be releasing a red vinyl pressing (with download card) in North America.
  2. Invada will release an orange vinyl version (with download card) in Europe.

Previously only available on Audio CD, this is the first ever release of the Oldboy soundtrack on vinyl.

November 18, 2014 is the date to look out for.

In the meantime, enjoy a sample:

Get it at the link below:

OLDBOY Vinyl Soundtrack by Cho Young-Wuk (via Ebay)

The Big Lebowski

Update: This item is available on Ebay.

A new listing for a vinyl pressing of the various artists music to the 1998 film The Big Lebowski has appeared on Amazon.

The listing is scant on detail. Aside from a price of $19.98 and a release date of November 25, 2014.

The release is reportedly an Island/Def Jam pressing, however they haven’t released any information that we can find.

Sorry but the cover image above is NOT it, at least, we don’t think it is.

We’ll post more info as we learn it.

In the meantime there’s always Universal’s release, which has the drop as far as release dates go, but is quite a bit more expensive.

To obtain this item please check the link below for sellers:

THE BIG LEBOWSKI Vinyl Soundtrack on Ebay

Guardians of the Galaxy Vinyl Fan Bundle

Update: This item can now be found on Ebay.

The 2xLP “Deluxe” vinyl pressing of the music and original score to Guardians of the Galaxy can now be ordered here in time for its September 16, 2014 release.

Additionally, a special “Fan Bundle” version of the release has been made available that includes the poster that you see above. Pretty cool!

The fan bundle was once available exclusively at MyPlayDirect.

Now your best bet is to use the link below to find the item for sale:

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vinyl Soundtrack (Ebay)


On Friday, as part of their last gallery show prior to September’s WonderCon, Mondo unveiled their newest vinyl release: Fabio Frizzi’s score to the 1990 film A Cat In The Brain (aka Nightmare Concert).

This is the first time Frizzi’s score to the film has been pressed on vinyl.

Features of the release:

  • Artwork by We Buy Your Kids
  • Liner notes by Fabio Frizzi
  • 180 Gram Black Vinyl

The release also includes randomly inserted Brain Colored vinyl pressings, as shown below:

A Cat in the Brain vinyl soundtrack coloured vinyl

The number of these colored pressings hasn’t been announced.

Couldn’t make it to the gallery but still want one of these? Well, you might be in luck, because while they haven’t gone up in Mondo’s store yet (they no doubt will after WonderCon), a couple have already popped up for sale at the link below:

A CAT IN THE BRAIN Vinyl Soundtrack (Ebay)

Death Waltz Originals Debut is the Rescore to THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE

A re-score of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Umberto & Antoni Maiovvi will be released on vinyl.

The re-score will be performed by Umberto & Antoni Maiovvi and will be titled “The Hook & Pull Gang.” They’ll perform the re-score live at MondoCon & Beyond Fest in September to screenings of the film, allowing fans to see the music unfold as the film does. All of the dialogue and sound effects from the film will be retained.

The release forms the debt of Death Waltz Originals and will come on coloured swirl vinyl.

it will be limited to 800 copies worldwide, first (and possibly only) available at the WonderCon screenings.

Watch the trailer:

Best place to find a copy of this is from a seller via the link below:


THE RAID 2 Vinyl Soundtrack by Spacelab9

As you know, in the next few days (September 2, 2014) Spacelab9 are releasing vinyl pressings of Joseph Trapanese’s excellent score to the equally excellent action film, The Raid 2.

We posted about this when it was first announced, though at that time not a lot of details were available. Since then we’ve added a listing where you can buy yourself a copy of the standard black vinyl version, but there’s more to this story. There’s variants to talk about.

Spacelab9 are releasing two colored limited edition variants in addition to the black vinyl version linked to above. These variants are the same as the black vinyl release with the exception of the vinyl color, which is shown below. Prices aren’t much different either – just a few bucks extra for the variants, at least, while they last. Once resellers get their hands on them, well, you know.

Titles link to Spacelab9’s product page where you can go buy them, while stocks last.

Cell Block Variant

THE RAID 2 Vinyl Cell Block Variant Soundtrack

  • “Cell Block” grey colored vinyl
  • Limited edition (number unconfirmed)

Crimson Rain Variant

THE RAID 2 Vinyl Crimson Rain Variant Soundtrack

  • “Crimson Rain” blood red colored vinyl
  • Limited edition (only 165 copies)

If you miss out on a variant, or want an alternative way to snap up a black version, we notice new copies have already started popping up on Ebay. At the time of this post only the black versions are there, but we’re guessing a handful of the colored variants will pop up soon enough.

Finally, if you don’t know much about this score, we definitely recommend it. Not sure? Listen to (most of) it for yourself:

Unfortunately these are getting very hard to find. You can try your luck for a seller at the link below. Good luck!

THE RAID 2 Vinyl Soundtrack (Ebay)


Mondo is going to release Alex North’s rejected score to director Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey on vinyl.

The album will be titled Music for 2001: A Space Odyssey and will come in a deluxe package, complete with liner notes by Jon Burlingame.

Composer Alex North’s original score to the film was abandoned during post-production, apparently at the last minute. North was unaware of this, though, and only learned of it during the film’s premiere screening! How terrible and unprofessional is that?

Austin composer and writer Brian Satterwhite will host a panel on the subject at WonderCon (between September 20th and 21st in Austin). The panel will include a live presentation of several scenes from 2001: A Space Odyssey with the lost score reintegrated back into the film to show what could have been. That sounds so cool!

The vinyl will first be available for sale at the Mondo booth during WonderCon.

This Mondo release is bound to be highly sought after. North’s original score has previously been released on Audio CD, a few times actually. The most sought after version was Intrada’s Special Collection release (pictured above). It sold out immediately, becoming a big collector’s item. You can still find it on Amazon and on Ebay but be prepared to crack open the piggy bank…

Listen to a preview of the score (from the Audio CD):

UPDATE: Best place to buy this item is now at the link below:

MUSIC FOR 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY by Alex North Vinyl Soundtrack (Ebay)

Mondo are set to release a double LP vinyl pressing of Michael Kamen’s score to The Iron Giant.


  • Fully remastered score for the format (by James Plotkin)
  • 45 RPM
  • Two different releases (see below)

Version A

Featuring artwork by Jason Edmiston:

Iron Giant Vinyl Soundtrack by Michael Kamen

Pressed on 180 gram black vinyl with randomly inserted steel grey.

Version B

Featuring artwork by Jay Shaw:

Iron Giant Vinyl Soundtrack by Michael Kamen by Mondo

Limited to 1,000 copies and comes pressed on 180 gram black vinyl with metal embossed slip case.

Both releases were first sold at MondoCon (September 20th-21st in Austin).  Best place to get one now is via the link below:

THE IRON GIANT Vinyl Soundtrack by Michael Kamen (Ebay)

THE WOLVERINE Vinyl Soundtrack

Update: No sign of this being available, though you can try to see if one appears on Ebay from time to time.

 Word is a vinyl pressing of Marco Beltrami’s The Wolverine is on the way.

The listing apparently identified the vinyl release would contain:

  • Textured Gatefold Jacket, with Obi-strip and insert
  • Double LP, with Laser Etching featuring album cover art (seen above)
  • 22 tracks, plus the bonus track of “Yukiko.”

Unfortunately the source listing is now a “404 Error” page, prompting us to wonder if the cat was let out of the bag prematurely or if the proposed vinyl release has been shelved. Given how specific the details were, perhaps it’s reasonable to assume the details were just spilled a little early and we simply have to wait for an official announcement.

For now we’ll have to remain content with the Audio CD, but we’ll keep our eye out for any developments – it would be very enjoyable on vinyl.

Listen for yourself:

Update: This item is not available. You can however search for it using the link below. You never know, one might show up:

THE WOLVERINE Vinyl Soundtrack by Marco Beltrami (Ebay)

Spacelab9 has released a new “Exclusive Comic Store” edition of The Walking Dead soundtrack.

Release date was August 27, 2014.

This is a purple-marble colored pressing.

It is limited to only 400 copies.

As the title suggests, this was made available only through comic book stores. It is now completely sold out.

If you’re going to get one, you have to be lucky and find a reseller. The best option is to check Ebay from time to time in the hope that a seller puts one up. You can try via the link below:

THE WALKING DEAD Vinyl Soundtrack – Exclusive Comic Store Edition (Ebay)

COMING HOME Vinyl Soundtrack by Qigang Chen

UPDATE: This title is now available on Ebay.

Music on Vinyl are releasing Qigang Chen’s original soundtrack to director Yimou Zhang’s 2014 drama film Coming Home.

The release will be on a 2LP 180gram transparent vinyl pressing.

It is limited to 1,000 copies.

Comes with insert.

The score, drawn from vintage Chinese revolutionary symphonies performed by legendary pianist Lang Lang, is a sentimental one. Piano is the main “voice” of this score, with cello, violin and female voices in supporting roles. In order to make it work with the story, the music of Coming Home features simple tunes and forms. Anything excessively rousing is avoided, with the soundtrack largely providing an understated aural backdrop, coming up to the foreground only when the occasion calls for it

Track list:

Side A

1. My Beloved, In My Heart
2. So Near, Yet So Far Away (I)
3. Coming Home (I)
4. Always On My Mind (I)
5. Arrangement Of Song Of The Fisherman (I)
6. My Beloved, In My Heart (II)

Side B

1. So near, Yet So For Away (II)
2. To Meet Again, In Days Gone By
3. My Beloved, In My Heart (III)
4. My Beloved, In My Heart (IV)

Side C

1. Always On My Mind (II)
2. So Near, Yet So Far Away (III)
3. Following In Your Footsteps, Till The End Of The World
4. Silent Conversations

Side D

1. Arrangement Of Song Of The Fisherman (II)
2. Coming Home (II)
3. My Beloved, In My Heart (V)
4. Always On My Mind (III)

Release date is September 8, 2014.

You can find sellers of this vinyl soundtrack at the link below:

COMING HOME Vinyl Soundtrack by Qigang Chen (Ebay)