THE RAID 2 Vinyl Soundtrack by Joseph Trapanese

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Spacelab9 vinyl release of composer Joseph Trapanese’s original score to director Gareth Evans’ action martial arts hit The Raid 2 (aka The Raid 2: Berandal).

Release date: September 2, 2014.

This is a 180 gram double LP in black vinyl.

Composer Joseph Trapanese returns along with Aria Prayogi and Fajar Yuskemal to provide a score equal parts electronic and orchestral, deeply layered and breathtaking, all while perfectly complimenting the frenetic on-screen action of The Raid 2.

The 24-track album features original motion picture score with over an hour of music, plus the original song “Hush” written and performed by Indonesian jazz artist Arti Dewi.

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the original soundtrack to ‘The Raid 2’, a creative collaboration with director Gareth Evans that was equal parts inspired, fun, and satisfying. I’m thrilled that Madison Gate Records and SpaceLab9 are releasing the album so that all the fans can relive this film’s brutality and beauty.”
– Joseph Trapanese

Track list:

Side A:

1. Alarm
2. The Equation
3. Toilet Nightmare
4. Suck it Up
5. Prison Riot
6. Ball Inspection
7. Phone Call

Side B:

8. Porn Den
9. Prakoso
10. Undercover
11. Club Battle
12. Reog

Side C:

13. Punch It
14. SIM Card
15. Betrayal
16. The Assassin
17. Pursuit
18. Motor Chase
19. Wasteland
20. Warehouse Stomping

Side D:

21. Uco Dining
22. Hammerballs
23. Showdown
24. Hush

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THE RAID 2 Vinyl Soundtrack by Joseph Trapanese

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